Who we are.

Museeum encourages you to see beyond the traditional museum experience.
Activate all the senses and explore art spaces anew!

Museeum is a weekly updated e-mag devoted to everything that goes beyond the common understanding of a museum/gallery/art space primarily dedicated to showing art. Museeum goes beyond the main purpose of a traditional art venue - to showcase art in permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. It has recently been a popular discussion how museums could change in order to attract new audiences. In response, Museeum aims to activate visitors’ senses, enrich their experience and open new opportunities to explore and investigate modern culture in unconventional ways. We encourage our readers to visit museums for the sake of mind-blowing architecture, amazing food, unconventional shopping, breathtaking gardens and stimulating learning activities - everything that makes modern museums stand out and become important creative and communication centers. With our e-mag we wish to create a visual and written outline of an ideal museum where anyone will be willing to spend the whole day - a museum where you loose the sense of time and which immerses you in its own special world. Museeum is here to help you See, Taste, Touch, Breathe and Listen differently in art spaces.

Who we are.

Museeum unites a team of likeminded art professionals and enthusiasts who
will be editing the mag on a daily basis.


[ co-founder ]

Julia is an art professional with a strong knowledge and interest in the contemporary art history. She has been engaged in the international art management for the past 10 years and has accumulated a relevant experience working with various institutional and commercial art projects in Russia, France and the UK. A few years ago Julia set up a successful art event for young artists in Moscow, which created a promotion platform for many emerging talents. Based in London for the past few years while working on her academic research she recently relocated to Tokyo, where she continues working on her PhD and focuses on the exploration of the local contemporary art scene and museum consultancy. Julia’s obsession with museum eating culture and museum shopping led her to the idea of Museeum.


[ co-founder ]

Lina is an interior architect who has always had a very high enthusiasm and interest for art and design in all shapes and forms. Having obtained an academic background from both European and Middle Eastern institutions she has been working internationally in the field of design and architecture for the past 4 years. A painter herself Lina has always been engaging and experimenting with art, which was the subject of a few solo shows, and acquired a unique taste for contemporary art as well as design objects. Having met Julia while studying French cultural heritage in Paris together they set up on a journey of exploring the world of museums, feeding off each others curiosity for the arts and endless types of design and architecture. For Lina, who is currently based in Dubai, Museeum is a passionate and inspirational research on the endless intersections and collaborations between arts, design and architecture.


contributing editor ]

Born into a theatrical family, Alexandra toured Russia and the world with her parents’ theatre from the age of 4. As a result she became an ardent traveller with a wide range of interests. Due to family tradition, for the past 14 years Alexandra has been working in the cultural field and exploring the world for work and pleasure. The artistic environment she grew up in made her an art enthusiast; and for the past 10 years she has been professionally collaborating with museums and galleries. In 2015 Alexandra’s academic interests in history and political science led h?er to receiving a PhD in American studies. When first hearing about Museeum, Alexandra instantly decided she wanted to be a part of it. For her it is an opportunity not only to share personal experiences, but also to plunge into the international art world, bringing artistic inspiration, cultural traditions and vast academic background into the outside world.


[ contributing editor ]

Maria is a media theorist and public educational programs curator for art projects and festivals. She was born in Moscow where she got her BA in Linguistics and Communications. Maria started her art career while working as a curatorial assistant to several established contemporary art galleries in Moscow. She went on to working on international projects and moved to Canada to pursue her academic research. With an MA in Interactive Arts and Technology from Simon Fraser University, she explores how precarious aesthetics is manifested in contemporary digital video art. Alongside her research, Maria is contributing to Decoy Magazine, The Temporary Art review. She is a member of ISEA2015, the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art organizing committee; Communications and Social Media Chair. She is also a founder of ARTinVANCOUVER, a regional social media platform that represents an intersection of art, design and technology and is on the Board of Directors at VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver.


[ KIDS editor ]

Esther is an Artist, Interior Designer, Art Historian, and Writer. Encouraged since a young age to exercise her talents through art, music and creative writing, she has been deeply involved in arts her entire life. She was born in S.Korea, spent her childhood in Canada, her adolescence and adulthood in New York City and currently resides in Southern California. Her academic background is in Fine Arts and Art History, with a post graduate degree in Interior Design. Museums have been a lifelong passion, and since becoming a mother of 2 it has become an even more vital part of her life. She feels that museums are not only an essential educational resource for kids but also an environment to foster critical thinking individuals. She hopes that the KIDS section will inspire families to experience more together.

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